Tips for Maintaining Your Carpet’s Cleanliness 

Maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet is essential. Since it’s installed on your floor to reduce noise and the risk of slip and fall, you have to ensure that its quality is as good as new. Applying proper cleaning techniques will make the carpet last longer.  

This blog will show you how to keep your carpet fresh and clean for many years. If you need help, don’t hesitate to hire a carpet cleaning in Raleigh

Vacuum the Carpet Everyday? 

Every day, the carpet accumulates dirt and dust. Just imagine how that dirt piles up after a few days of not vacuuming it. Daily vacuum is essential to remove the accumulated dirt from foot traffic. However, there are vacuuming techniques that you should do, especially when there are different carpet materials. For example, you can clean carpets like the Saxony pile and textured pile through deep cleaning methods. But you should only clean carpets like Berbers with a vacuum suction because of their delicate materials.?? 

Use the Right Stain Removal Technique? 

Not all stains are the same. You can easily remove some stains, but some are stubborn. Different stain removal methods are used to treat other stains, so you should assess the type of stain you have on your carpet. For example, cornstarch is best to use if you have a grease stain. Club soda is best used for stubborn stains like red wine and coffee. Most of the time, a mixture of dishwashing soap and warm water is used to treat spots and stains. Make sure that if you use your mixture, you mix the ingredients properly.?? 

Remove the Stains Right Away? 

Once you see spills and stains on your carpet, act right away. These stains could penetrate the deep layers of the fibers if dried up. Blot the spills and never rub them because rubbing might help the stain to set on the thread. When blotting the stain, use white paper towels only so there will be no color transference. After blotting the stain, vacuum the carpet once it dries. The moisture on the rug might pave the way for molds to grow.?? 

Hire a Professional for Deep Cleaning 

A regular vacuum is necessary, but it’s not enough. Deep dirt and dust cannot be removed by vacuum, so deep cleaning would be the best option. Schedule a maintenance cleaning with a carpet cleaner at least twice a year. You would even surprise yourself with how much dirt they will get from your carpet. One of the best methods that professionals use is steam cleaning, which is cost-friendly and suitable for your carpet, so we recommend that you try that one out.?? 

Use a Deodorizer for Your Carpet 

Once the stain is treated, you have to worry about the odor that would come off the carpet, especially the pest stains. The good thing is that you can make your own deodorizer so your carpet won’t have to suffer from the chemical ones. The ingredients that you need are essential oil and baking soda. Look for a unique carpet deodorizer recipe. There are tons of useful resources online that you can use. 

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